Planned Maintenance Agreements

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Anderson Automatic highly recommends Yearly cleaning of your heating and cooling equipment.  Our Planned Maintenance does just that.

We will provide one (1) complete inspection, cleaning and adjustment of your heating system, and one (1) for your cooling system. A 15% discount on all parts and labor within the covered period and always priority service when you need us.

Gas/Electric Furnace or Hot Water/Steam Boiler $ 109.00
Fuel Oil Furnace/Boiler (includes nozzle and oil filter) $ 258.00
Air Conditioner $ 109.00
Fan Coil with Air Conditioner… (1 visit Spring) $ 191.00
Heat Pump System (Outdoor unit) $ 109.00
Geothermal System..(2 visits per year) $ 372.00
Humidifier (Includes one water pad) $ 61.00
Electronic Air Cleaner (Cleaned & checked, one time per year) $ 50.00
Media Filter (Twice each year) Contact Us
Magic Chef (1 time each year, pull out and clean) $ 266.00
P-Tac Unit (Pull out in Spring for cleaning, inspect in Fall) $ 226.00
Generator (Includes: filter, oil change and spark plugs, 1 time each year, Air Cooled only up to 20KW) $ 238.00
Hot Water Heater (Flush and refill, one time) $ 74.00

Program is not in effect until paid in full and inspected.