Carrier Generator

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Every week, 3.5 million people experience a power loss. (just a few years ago, the tri-state experienced this loss when the large wind storm and some parts of the area without power for weeks). A power loss interrupts your home, work and your life. More and more often, it is becoming a reality for home and business owners.

Installing an automatic home generator can put you and your family at ease. The unit is permanently installed outside your home just like your air conditioning unit. When you lose power, the generator will automatically start itself and provides power back to your home within 30 seconds. When the utility is restored, the generator automatically shuts down and waits for the next outage. Because these units are automatic, we have you covered whether you are home or away. The unit gets its fuel directly from you natural gas line or liquid propane tank.

Warranty:  The Carrier Automatic Home Generator is backed with a three -year limited parts and two-year labor warranty.

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